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Personalization means a stronger brand, more contacts, and higher sales

Our philosophy is that marketing must serve the end customer—reduce complexity, facilitate decision making, offer solutions, and create efficiency. To do this, you need to know every single customer in detail. And, ideally, you will be able to identify his interests and needs in an instant. Your website will then adapt to the visitor straight away and show him suitable products. This is 1:1 communication—we call it B2One.

Why personalize?

  • User experience becomes customer experience
  • Greater customer knowledge means optimization of communication, content, and customer-journey strategies
  • Browsing time on the website increases
  • Conversions are more successful and more contacts/leads generated
  • Customer retention is strengthened
  • Conversion rates are boosted



Using our internally developed brandsync methodology and our technical solutions, we assess the emotional decision-making criteria of the visitors to your website. This results in the creation of a personal brandsync profile of the emotional characteristics of each of your customers.

What is the brandsync web suite?

The brandsync web suite is our tool for next-generation website personalization. Our unique solution is made up of a range of methodologies and tools. We use brand strategy, psychology, data, and technology to develop your B2B website into a sustainable marketing platform that is able to respond to future challenges.


We monitor your customers along the digital touchpoints, collecting and combining data and behavior from different websites and across a range of devices. This data pool is also augmented with information from the CRM system.

This results in the creation of a uniform customer profile that tells us a great deal about the individual interests and needs of every single one of your customers. This way, anonymous visitors are transformed into familiar customers who you can target selectively. And one-to-many communication becomes one-to-one communication.

Linking sales and marketing

Today, website personalization starts with self-learning systems, a networked IT landscape, and intensive cooperation between business units. We will support you during the transformation process and as the personalization of your digital communications gradually develops.

Marketing departments benefit from the CRM data obtained from a successful and customer-focused website. Sales departments can better advise customers using the additional profile information gathered from the website.


Our personalization solution can be easily integrated into existing websites—no matter which CMS you use. We can also connect most systems, such as CRM, ERP, or marketing automation interfaces.

Alternatively, we can design and develop the right enterprise marketing platform for you—to make your marketing fit for the future.