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Creative solutions along the customer journey

With big ideas, creative storytelling, and exceptional design, we stage strong creative concepts on all communication channels and disciplines, across all touchpoints along the customer journey. We have a 360-degree approach. The core creative vision always forms the basis on which we develop a differentiated and individual communication strategy. That is to say, a strong idea finds its way into many different communication solutions. The orchestration of the concept and creative staging of the entire action strategy attracts attention, provides orientation, promotes loyalty, and creates buying incentives.

01. Horsch

The innovative power of Horsch is unparalleled. trio-group was tasked with staging the company’s innovative products on an emotional basis to attract the attention of its target groups over an extended period of time. This gave rise to something entirely new and striking in the agricultural sector . . .


02. Smart homes

The distribution company Hager aims to position itself as a complete-system supplier for intelligent building management with its brands Hager, Berker, and Elcom. All new B2B brand communication measures must support its existing, ongoing “smart home” campaign.


03. Weidmüller

Demanding circuit board meets OMNIMATE

Weidmüller connectors are innovative, customized, and high-performance products. trio-group was tasked with breathing new life into the company’s intelligent connectors and with staging them on an emotional basis to draw the attention of Weidmüller’s diverse customer groups to the product. This resulted in a 360-degree launch campaign for the connectors like nothing anyone could have anticipated . . .

Who will win the circuit board’s heart?

Inspired by the high standards that a connector must meet in modern boards, the 3-D fictional character OMNIMATE was brought to life. He captures the heart of the demanding circuit board Susan at a speed-dating event. What is the secret to OMNIMATE’s success? The connector is intelligent, understanding, and adaptable.


04. RUF|Betten

trio-group has supported RUF|Betten since 2001 and creates 360-degree communication for the company in print, online, and in video format. 14 years amounts to around 46,720 hours of heavenly slumber and 5,115 days of plumping up pillows.


Catalog design

Approximately 400 pages of design, emotion, and information—the annual RUF catalog for the specialist furniture trade is the perfect showcase for the market leader RUF|Betten. trio-group oversees the process from concept through to production. By the way, the whole catalog is also available in a concise version for end customers!

ruf betten


05. Getrag

Virtual visualization of „Transmission City“

The development of a multilevel campaign to reach out to visitors in the best possible way before, during, and after the IAA Passenger Cars trade fair in 2013.


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