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Emotional Branding

How do your target groups feel? What emotional-intuitive ways of thinking underpin your brand? What happens if your brand loses out to the competition, despite offering a great product at a better price? Can something like that be rationally explained or was it some undefined emotional decision that caused your customer to ignore your well-calculated reasoning?

brandsync® is the answer to these questions. Our unique methodology for emotional branding combines more than 15 years of experience in brand communications with the latest findings from the world of neuroscience and cognitive science.

Lasting brand success

Target group insights and segmentation, brand positioning and brand management based on the findings of neuromarketing are commonplace in classic consumer marketing. With brandsync®, we have further developed the existing methods for use in B2B marketing. By doing this, we enable you to deploy a variety of diferent techniques and channels to meet the particular challenges of heterogeneous target groups and increase the success of your brand.

Exclusive brand strategy

Embedding brand image, brand promise and brand positioning in the context of subconscious-emotional thought and value worlds is the basis for lasting brand success - not just in B2C, but in B2B as well. We developed brandsync® specifically to create and exploit these relationships. This versatile way of working can be precisely tailored to your needs.

The synchronization of brand, people and media

The trio-group has evolved brandsync® precisely for the needs of B2B marketing to create long-term brand success. This enables you to deploy a variety of diferent techniques and channels to meet the particular challenges of heterogeneous target groups and increase the success of your brand.

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We can do more than 360 degrees

Since our foundation, we have mastered the full range of marketing disciplines. Founded in 1996, the trio-group is today one of the largest owner-managed advertising agencies in Germany. With the help of our expert team of specialists throughout the Group, you can confidently expect integrated communication at the highest level from us.

For us, 360-degree communication is just the start. With brandsync®, we’ve added a whole new dimension in B2B communication – emotional brand loyalty, based on the latest findings of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Because brands need emotions.

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  • Corporate Design / Corporate Identity

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